Our services in more detail

Notebook, pen and spectacles Broomfield Associates works mainly with established small-medium sized businesses who feel that the Internet and Information Technologies can now be of help in consolidating and growing their business more efficiently than simply employing more and more staff.

With newly established businesses in the IT sector, we can also offer experience of legal, financial, political and risk management in this particular sector.

For brand-owners, we can advise on the implications of the Domain Name system on their established Intellectual Property.

Non-executive director services
Dr Black is an experienced company director and chairman, in both executive and non-executive roles. He has been involved in companies with annual turnovers up to £10M and can bring to your board his long experience in IT, financial, legal, political and strategic planning.

Business risk analysis
All companies must manage the risks arising from their business, financial and technical practices. We can bring our experience of developing and maintaining a comprehensive company-wide risk register: a vital tool for the board to identify those risks which must be dealt with urgently, and in documenting the plans for dealing with them. The risks associated with the use of computers and the Internet are often overlooked in many small businesses.

Consultancy on business IT
For businesses not yet embracing Information Technology or the Internet in any substantial way, we can help sort out what really matters.

Intranet-based business solutions
Accessing your corporate database using a standard PC with its off-the-shelf browser has proven to be much more flexible than maintaining every user's workstation with the latest versions of specific applications. Modern web-based architecture can deliver solutions which are easier to manage and upgrade.

WEB consultancy & construction
Whilst your paper-based advertisements remain useful, the flexibility of having your own web site and domain name can bring dramatic business benefits. Your site can be a simple, static announcement of your products and services (our own site is a typical example). You can add facilities to update rapidly changing material yourself using simple web-based management tools. A more complex site can embody a full trading capability allowing customers to pay online by credit-card. Of course, more functionality comes at a cost, but we will discuss your requirements with you and support you through a development cycle to reach the stage appropriate for your needs.

Help with Domain Name disputes
Having worked hard to establish your brands and trading identities, it is of vital importance to monitor and deal with infringements of these valuable business assets. With the advent of the Internet and its Domain Name System for locating services on the web, you must be aware of how to protect these identities and brands. Dr Black has been a key player in dealing with domain name disputes for over 10 years and can assist you through the labyrinth.

Advice on computer accounting
Shrink-wrapped packages are available from many sources for small business accounting. Our experience, though, is that proprietors of such businesses are (quite correctly) more concerned about delivery of service to their customers than dealing with the minutiae of accounting. Based on writing and using accounting packages in a variety of environments, we can take some of the load off your shoulders of configuring and establishing a workable configuration, so that your entry of data, production of invoices etc can be done by you or your own staff with ease.